What We Do

What we do

Medivence is run by a board-certified physician who will work closely with you and/or your experts to provide a presentation that accurately and graphically reflects the findings in your case.

Displays can be rendered in either hard-copy, “storyboard” format, or can be provided as digital data that can be enlarged into large poster sized blow-ups.  Powerpoint presentations can also be created that enable digital display of full color imaging and illustrations.

In most instances, illustrative line drawings or other renderings can be obtained from a variety of sources, but if necessary, we also work with qualified medical illustrators, and can create custom illustrations as required.

Imaging examinations can be reproduced, colorized and annotated for maximum clarity, and can be contrasted with reference normal or abnormal exams so that the jury can appreciate the nature of the findings.

Background on various imaging techniques, disease processes, imaging artifacts or other considerations can be provided as necessary.

Since your presentation is created by a physician, your consultation naturally includes a discussion of the medical, in addition to the graphic, features of the case, if you wish.  This also saves you time and money as the images require fewer iterations, and less input from you or your experts, than would be the case with other services where exhibits are created by non-medical technicians.

As required, we will meet with you “directly”, via a live internet feed, to discuss, in real time, your case material.

Although specializing in medical imaging and radiology, our work is not limited to this, and can extend to all medical areas of inquiry.