Consultation / Expert Witness

Dr. 3Glickstein has served as an expert witness in multiple cases, performing case reviews, consulting with attorneys, and testifying for both plaintiff and defendant. A qualified expert witness must possess, “Education, training, and practical experience, as well as current knowledge and skill.” {American College of Radiology Guidelines.} Dr. Glickstein takes this mandate seriously and will give your case meticulous attention.

Figure 1:

An individual in a Motor vehicle accident claiming a disc herniation and an annular tear as a result of the accident. The pre-accident images show an annular bulge with an annular tear that was unchanged on several sets of images obtained after the accident itself. Despite the claim, there was no anatomic difference in the pre- and post- accident images.


Figure 2:

Illustrative exhibit of a newborn infant with intracranial findings incurred as a result of a perinatal anoxic episode.

fig2.1 fig2.2 fig2.3

Figure 3:

Sagittal (side view) of head CAT scan in a patient with severe head trauma who had depressed skull fracture and sagittal sinus thrombosis.